Familynet is a hit

14 October 2021

Jenny de Bruine (on the photo together with resident Ben) is an activity supervisor at Zorgbalans Den Weeligenberg in Hillegom (The Netherlands) and talks about her experience with Familynet.

“We have been using Familynet since the start of the covid period. It was a hit in a very difficult period, especially for our residents but also for their relatives. Via Familynet we were able to share a lot with the family on the the moment they were not allowed to visit, this eased the suffering somewhat. Many photos, videos and messages were also sent back that we could enjoy with our residents again.

Of course we continued to use Familynet even after this intense period. We liked it so much now! It’s great to be able to share the good moments. Not only major activities such as performances or a themed afternoon, but also intimate and personal moments.

For family it is valuable to be able to see what is actually happening in the home and announcements are also easy to share.

We are happy with this beautiful program! It has connected us all more; resident, family and employees and we hope to be able to use this for a long time to come.”

Care home Den Weeligenberg in Hillegom, The Netherlands.

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