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Familynet is the communication app for care homes. Care workers easily share messages, photos and videos on a secure personal page.

This way, family is up to date on important and beautiful moments in the daily life of their loved one.

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Each resident has their own page

Here you find the beautiful messages from the care workers.  All family members of the resident have access to this page.

Familynet also has other handy and fun features such as the Group Message, the calender, the forum and the Lifebook.

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Share messages

You post messages with photos and videos with ease. This way the family of residents is up to date on practical information and the beautiful moments.

Group message

With the Group Message you can reach dozens of families with one message. That saves a lot of time.


When is a fun activity on the department and when does the daughter come to visit? It’s all in the clear calendar.

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We have been using Familynet since the start of the covid period. It was a hit in a very difficult period, especially for our residents but also for their relatives. Via Familynet we were able to share a lot with the family on the the moment they were not allowed to visit, this eased the suffering somewhat. Many photos, videos and messages were also sent back that we could enjoy with our residents again.

We are happy with this beautiful program! It has connected us all more; resident, family and employees and we hope to be able to use this for a long time to come.

Jenny de Bruine - Den Weeligenberg (The Netherlands)

“Our experience with Familynet is very positive! For us, the use of this is worth its weight in gold! We make beautiful moments insightful by means of photos and sound. Family watches from a distance and are very happy to see photos of their loved one.”

Saskia and Agnes - Herbergier Etten-leur

Kim Peeters

“We have been using Familynet for small-scale living for almost two years now. As soon as we heard about it, we were already enthusiastic and this has actually stayed that way all this time, if not more! We enjoy using Familynet on a daily basis; a great way to inform family members of our residents about our activity program and how their father / mother / partner spend their day.”

Kim Peeters - Klein Waelwick (Maas & Waal)

“Familynet is a godsend for us! We can show daily which activities we do and what was for supper, of course we add nice photos. Family members are often very surprised to see what their loved one still can do!”

Desirée van Vliet - Laurens

“Family members are enthusiastic from the start; sharing everyday things via Familynet makes an impact. Parents now see their children more often and in a different setting than only during visits.”

Bianca - Philadelphia Care Foundation

“I promote Familynet wherever I can. It delivers so much beauty for our employees, our residents and their families.”

Jolanda Duinkerken and Liesbeth Cator - ZINN

More than 1000 care homes are happily using Familynet

Why Familynet makes you happy

Share the beautiful moments

Involve family, anywhere in the world.

Motivates employees

Lots of positive reactions from family.

More family participation

Family more often helps with activities.

Saves a lot of time

Reach all family members with one message.

Easy in use

Easy to start and works on all screens.


Privacy guaranteed and complies with GDPR.

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