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Familynet is the best and easiest communication tool for care homes. Care workers share messages and photos via a secure personal page.

This way family is always kept up to date about important and beautiful moments in the daily life of the resident.

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These are the features of Familynet

View all the useful features like sharing messages, calendar, lifebook and more.

  • Sharing Messages

    Share messages: it is very easy to post text, photos, videos or documents on the Familynet page.

  • Keeping the Calendar

    Share appointments, activities or tasks with the family in the Familynet calendar. For each client, or for an entire department.

  • Lifebook

    A description of the history of the principal person, with a timeline filled with events by the family.

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They already use Familynet

More than 800 care institutions in the Netherlands and Belgium use Familynet to their full satisfaction and content.

This is what the users say

Enthusiastic care professionals and family members share their experiences.

  • For Dorrit, who works in communes for people with a (very) serious mental disability, Familienet provides the bridge to family. She says: “Firstly, we have started sharing nice and fun things with family. There are plenty of beautiful moments. A party, a client who is busy working on a task, you name it.” Read more

    Dorrit Snels

    Employee Cello Zorg
  • Thanks to Familienet, Silvia van Bragt is ‘more involved with the care’ of her sister Judith than ever before. Her sister lives with Cello in a commune for people with a mental disability. Silvia: “Nearly every family is on Familienet there, and we are very happy with it. The staff often upload nice pictures and stories.” Read more

    Silvia van Bragt

  • Priscilla Tjalma works in a commune for people suffering from dementia. An important part of the communication with family goes through Familienet. She says: “We use Familienet very intensively. It saves us a lot of time, because if you make group messages you can inform thirty people in one go, so to speak.” Read more

    Priscilla Tjalma

    Employee Cordaan

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