How do you write a nice message? Part 1: Write with enthusiasm

23 November 2022

Do you want to make family happy with your messages? We give you useful tips for writing nice messages on Familynet. It is useful that you take on the role of a ‘journalist’. This time, we’re going to look at how to convey enthusiasm to your readers.

Tip 5: Enthusiasm is appreciated
Just put it to the test: if you have a conversation with someone with a smile on your face, this person will also look friendlier. That’s called mirroring. You can even try it without words: look someone in the eye for a few seconds with a wide smile and the ice is broken. If you also clearly show your own enthusiasm in a conversation, your conversation partner will take over this unnoticed. It works the same way in text messages. Using phrases like “it was great” and “what a pleasure to do this job” will get the spark flying. In this ‘hard’ time, enthusiasm is really appreciated.

How: If you start a message with: “Today Mr. Smith was the center of attention in our living room, what a party”, you can be sure that people will read on. If you say in a parenthesis that you can enjoy seeing how a resident improves through good care, then the recipients of your message will also experience it that way. Readers love positive news. In this way you make Familynet not only a source of information, but also a source of fun.

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