Familynet app available soon… and more

12 April 2021

We will of course continue to improve Familynet with heart and soul in 2021.

The app for Android and iOS is almost ready! The beautiful contemporary design and the pleasant user experience are now being extensively tested. Available to all users soon.

Notifications (ie the notifications of new messages) are very important for employees. Which family posted a message? Who responded to my report of the music afternoon? Who gave my photo a heart? What’s new on the agenda? Now it is sometimes quite a search. We are working on a clear list, which you as an employee can easily “scan”. If you want, click through to the Familynet page where you need to be.

The care home page can be reached by the family by clicking on the Familynet page under the name of the resident. The care home page is (still) fairly empty with only contact details. We are going to change that! Room for general news, photos of the care home, employees introductions, etc. Suggestions are welcome. So if you have ideas, send an email to

A new look, but Familiynet always remains simple and clear to use. We promise! We have updated our homepage and information pages. The atmosphere matches the goal of Familynet: Sharing beautiful moments. Hopefully you like it too. Take a look at We will also implement this beautiful design on the pages after logging in.

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