Everyone has his own story

Why the Familynet Lifebook?

Every life is unique. We all have our ups and downs, adventures, memories and stories. We think that every life could and should be documented. That is why we have created the Familynet Lifebook.

Familynet already offered the possibility of exchanging information, messages and memories, also visually, by means of photos and videos. But not yet in the shape of a Lifebook. Now you can.

The Familynet Lifebook is a description of the history of the principal person along with a timeline filled with events by the family. Everyone contributes to completing the timeline with words and images, so that everyone can find out about the unique course of life.

It is extremely useful for care providers, as it helps them to understand and know their clients better. Family members appreciate bringing together memories and mother, father or another family member see their lives run past like a film. In other words: very valuable to everyone. It is also highly convenient, as it is digital. And: it is permanently available to the family.


The Familynet Lifebook is composed of several chapters that highlight specific elements from the principal person's life.

About me

Where a person comes from, their motto in life or what makes them happy are very important questions to ask if you want to get to know them better. This chapter deals with those kinds of questions. They are good questions with interesting (and at times surprising) answers.

Course of life

Special events can be entered on the timeline. This may include major events, but also less significant moments. From the day of birth to the wedding, from the arrival of children to a house move or fantastic holiday.

The events can be embellished with photos to make them even livelier.

Important people

Family is not the only thing that's important; friendships also play an important part in our lives. This chapter offers you the option of describing all important people. Beautiful photos and stories bring these important people to life digitally.


What is or was it that a person really enjoyed doing? What are their past and present hobbies? This chapter discusses that in great detail and offers the option to get to know someone even better. Or to anticipate a wish for today's leisure activities.


Maybe this is not so obvious, but it is extremely significant: what kind of music does a person like? Music moves you. It moves you in very special ways. Favourite songs can be inserted into the Lifebook by means of YouTube videos. Fantastic memories and anecdotes guaranteed!

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